Titleist aligns hybrids with irons in 816 series launch

The new Titleist 816H1 and 816H2 hybrid models feature ‘Active Recoil Channel’ and ‘Ultra Thin Face’ technology to generate high speed and low spin for long distance. Titleist says a high MOI design increases speed across the face for more forgiveness on off-centre hits, while the optimised centre of gravity increases launch and trajectory for more shot-stopping control.

The Active Recoil Channel is a long, deep channel, positioned along the sole of the clubhead, close to the leading edge to deliver more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball with lower spin and higher speed. This allows the entire clubface to deflect at impact for high speed.

816H hybrids offers two distinct shapes and sizes with performance benefits relative to a golfer’s swing. 816H1 has a larger profile with a slight face progression for golfers that need enhanced launch and prefer a fairway metal look. The larger H1 head size effectively parts grass through impact, providing performance from the rough. 816H2 has a smaller, pear profile for launch and trajectory control with a slight offset for more aggressive players that engage the turf. H2 produces 150 to 300rpm less spin for a flatter flight.

The 816H hybrid line offers loft choices every two degrees from 19 to 27 degrees and is said to deliver improved long game yardage gapping, whether a golfer carries one, two or three hybrids.

Chris McGinley, vice president, Titleist golf club marketing said, “Golfers have long thought of hybrids as ‘rescue clubs’ and not ‘scoring clubs,’ but we intend to change that perception. More golfers than ever are replacing long irons with hybrids and carrying multiple hybrids in their bags because of their performance benefits. Our new 816H models are technically advanced scoring clubs that have better shot stopping ability and can improve yardage gaps at the long end of the set. Instead of thinking about getting out of trouble or just getting the ball close to the green, golfers can now think about hitting the green and stopping the ball closer to the pin more often.

“Our best club fitters on tour and in the market look at hybrids as a direct extension of the iron set, and fit golfers for hybrids and irons at the same time. For this reason, we’ve made the decision to put Titleist hybrids and irons on the same launch cycle.”

Titleist 816H hybrids, priced at RRP £205.

Read the full EXCLUSIVE interview with Matt Johnson, Titleist brand director, in the October issue of GOLF RETAILING.

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