The Belfry aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

The Belfry Hotel & Resort, located in Warwickshire, is aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, having saved 3 million kWh of energy combined across electricity and gas in 2022 when comparing its usage with 2019.

The 3 million kWh saved is enough electricity to power 300 houses and enough gas to heat 200 houses for an entire year.

The energy savings were the result of several measures implemented by the resort. In 2022 The Belfry installed 187 Genius Hubs in bedrooms which had a significant impact, helping achieve a 64% reduction in heat energy usage. The devices are smart heating control solutions that reduce a property’s energy consumption by only heating the parts of the building that are being used, with the added benefit of providing guests with greater control over their room climate.

The Genuis Hubs are just one of several sustainability initiatives underway at The Belfry. These measures include; a water management system which filters waste water, enabling the used water to return to the resort’s reservoirs, lakes or to be sprayed directly onto the golf courses; the production of turf nurseries, which nurture up to 1000sqft of new turf using site-grown produce; the installation of waterless urinals; six new electric vehicle charging points, with another 40+ planned, plus the introduction of onsite electric vehicles, such as electric golf buggies; switching 80% of the resort’s lighting to LED, with many of the areas now lit by motion sensor lights; a focus on wildlife enrichment areas; and the use of biodegradable material for marketing or promotional products and banners.

Given the critical importance of energy reduction measures in reducing emissions, and to ensure that the resort’s sustainability initiatives remain front-of-mind, The Belfry has a team of nominated in-house ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Champions. The ESG Champions include employees from all departments who meet monthly to review, agree and communicate projects and initiatives that can help reduce the impact the business has on the planet.

Chris Evans, Maintenance & Energy Co-Ordinator, and a member of the ESG Champion group at The Belfry, comments: “We’re incredibly proud of the amount of energy that the resort saved last year and to be part of a team that is setting a standard for other businesses to follow. We all know how important it is to make significant changes to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment and it’s really motivating to see the difference we’re making when the figures are calculated.”

Chris Eigelaar, Resort Director at The Belfry, says: “To achieve net zero emissions by 2030 is a significant undertaking, but it’s one to which the entire team is wholly committed. The results we have seen in the past 12 months demonstrate our determination to realise our target and we’re excited to continue that momentum. To build on what we’ve achieved this year, we’re in the process of recruiting an ESG Coordinator who will oversee the ESG developments and future plans, during what’s set to be an exciting time for The Belfry.”