TaylorMade Golf Company Announces the All-New SelectFit Kit, A Revolutionary Custom Fitting Technology

At TaylorMade, performance of the golfer is taken personally. Not only are TaylorMade engineers and product visionaries dedicated to bringing the most innovative products to the marketplace, but also are committed to creating the best possible fitting experience to maximise performance for every golfer.

TaylorMade engineers simply asked this question: how can we allow fitters to be capable of having a wide range of loft and lie options in one single right or left handed head? Enter the all-new SelectFit Kit, a revolutionary custom fitting system that is a one-of-a-kind technological breakthrough not before seen in the industry.

SelectFit Kit All Heads


The SelectFit Kit has adjustment sleeves that give fitters the ability to fit a golfer from three degrees upright to three degrees flat and two degrees strong to two degrees weak on the same head. The two lie adjustment sleeves and one loft adjustment sleeve create the never-before-seen adjustability in this new system.

So, how will this new system be used in a fitting?

While using the same SelectFit shaft matrix that is currently in fitting centres, fitters will continue to use the red and blue arrow system and can achieve a variety of lofts and lies with the twist of a wrench.

SelectFit Kit Loft Adjustment


If the fitter starts with a standard lie and wants to try a flatter option, they will rotate the sleeve around, line up the markings and adjust it to as much as three degrees flat. If that adjustment was too much, the fitter can swap the sleeves out and match up the head with the sleeve that has the two degrees flat marking.

Then, the fitter can dial in launch and spin to maximise distance with the adjustment options on the loft sleeve, by matching the desired red loft designation to the red arrow. Previously, it would have taken 12 different heads to create this level of loft and lie adjustability for a fitter.

“The all-new SelectFit Kit is born from the mindset of TaylorMade being global leaders in customisation and personalisation and being fully invested in making every golfer at all levels better today than they were yesterday. We are very excited to be able to provide more iron models with more options to more locations across the world with the SelectFit Kit and are confident this will result in TaylorMade being the go-to for custom fitters and golfers everywhere.”
Tom Fisher, Director, Global Custom

TaylorMade retail partners across the world can now use the SelectFit Kit in their fittings on all TaylorMade irons, including the all-new P·770, P·7MC and P·7MB irons.

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