Tacit Golf flags up the Ryder Cup

Tacit Golf, the supplier of golf course equipment in the UK and Ireland, has extended its involvement with the Ryder Cup which dates back to 1989. The PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles used Tacit’s durable tournament flagsticks and aluminium hole cups.

Tacit’s embroidered pin flags were used on course and featured on Sky Sports promotions of the event. The embroidery displays intricate detail within the logo using over 15 different coloured threads, with approximately 100,000 stitches per panel and taking three hours to produce.

Further equipment in use included Tacit’s hammer Sholé, a precision engineered holecutter ensuring the hole is cut 108mm time after time. The Sholé holecutter is used in conjunction with the cutting board and patented integral depth rings allowing the depth of the core being removed and replaced to be precisely the same size.

Tacit Golf’s managing director Tim Webb commented, “We are honoured and privileged to be involved with the Ryder Cup, our seventh home Ryder Cup in a row. It’s fantastic to continue our involvement with the largest golf event in the world and typifies our long standing involvement with the world’s leading professional and amateur golf tournaments and their reliance on Tacit when excellence is a must.” Further details at: www.tacitgolf.com