Sundog’s Bolt for the blue

Sundog Eyewear has introduced a new range of stylish TrueBlue glasses for golfers that not only block ultraviolet rays, but filter harmful blue light for eye protection and greater accuracy out on the course. Blue light, also known as ‘near UV’, is the high-energy visible light that creates veiled glare in the eye and leads to visual fatigue, sometimes also artificially produced by exposure to video and mobile display screens. The latest TrueBlue lenses also provide golfers with 100 percent UVA/UVB filtration up to 400m to help avoid long-term eye damage.

Sundog’s TrueBlue is said to be the only non-prescription sunglass lens in the world to incorporate both melanin and ocular lens pigment (OLP) to enhance definition, reduce glare and refine protection from natural sunlight. Melanin is nature’s primary pigment for photo-protection from sunlight damage, while OLP is found in the lens of the eye to protect it from UV. Both limit the amount of blue light that can reach the retina in the eye.

There are nine different glasses in the TrueBlue range, including the Bolt (pictured), complete with flow-through top venting and open bottom frame design, with adjustable nose pads and co-injected temple tips to prevent slippage and increase comfort. TrueBlue sunglasses have an RRP of £69.99 and come with a complimentary pouch.

Matthew Hazelden, Sundog brand manager for Europe commented, “Blue light filtration is an exclusive Sundog technology that reduces glare significantly to give golfers a game-changing visual experience. TrueBlue provides the ideal level of contrast, definition and colour balance for improved performance and long-lasting protection.”

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