Srixon launches new club range

Srixon has launched the Srixon Z Series range of metal-woods, utility clubs and forged irons, available in the UK from October. The Z 545 Driver is a mid-high launch fully adjustable 460cc driver with low spin suitable says Srixon for all abilities. The face construction of the Z 545 features a booster cup-face and variable face thickness technology to enlarge the sweet spot by 35 percent, the company says.

Srixon’s ‘Quick Tune System’ (QTS) allows easy adjustment of driver loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity settings. A twelve-way hosel design tunes face angle and lie along with loft, while the adjustable weight port comes standard with a seven and three gram weight. Eleven gram weights are also available to precisely tune the centre of gravity to give optimal launch and spin. The Z545 driver is available for RRP £325.

Srixon Z F45 fairway metal-wood has a mid-size design to maximise launch conditions from all lies. As with the Z 545 Driver, the club features QTS adjustability features, with twelve settings for loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity. The Z F45 fairway has an RRP of £229.

The Srixon Z H45 hybrids have shapes designed for smoother turf interaction and a confident look at address. The Z H45 also features a HT1770 maraging steel face, raising the COR by 13 points for maximum ball speed, while the centre of gravity is low to promote a higher, more penetrating launch. RRP is £190.

The Srixon Z series of forged irons comes in versions for two distinct player types. The slim topline and compact shape in Z 745 and Z 945 irons provide the confidence and workability the better player demands. For general ability there is added forgiveness and distance in the slightly larger Z 545 irons. The three to six irons in these sets feature a strategically positioned tungsten weight in the toe to tune the sweet spot position for a longer, more forgiving flight in the more difficult-to-hit mid and long irons.

In the Srixon Z iron series, the iron and utility club heads are forged from the high quality, soft 1020 carbon steel. With a lower carbon content compared to many key competitors, Srixon says Z iron and utility heads are high-strength while also responsive and smooth at impact. A set of The Z Series of irons (five to PW) is available for RRP £600 steel and £699 graphite.

The new range will have its first trade showing at The Golf Show in Harrogate next month. More details at:

In an exclusive interview with GOLF RETAILING, Leslie Hepsworth, president of Srixon Sports for the UK and Ireland, explains the background to the launch in the October issue.