SkyPro now measures Attack Angle

SkyCaddie’s SkyPro golf swing training device has added a new ‘Attack Angle’ feature in an upgrade. Attack Angle measures whether the clubhead is moving up or down on the ball at impact. The upgrade is automatically added when golfers update the free SkyPro app on their smartphone or tablet, with Attack Angle appearing as a new parameter in the Impact area of every swing. SkyPro users will also discover that Attack Angle has also been applied retrospectively to every swing which they have ever recorded on their SkyPro.

SkyPro is a small sensor which fits almost imperceptibly onto the shaft of the golf club, below the grip. It monitors a club’s motion during a swing. This information is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, providing instant feedback and making golf practice and golf lessons far more meaningful.

The new feature enables golf professionals to use SkyPro to custom-fit golfers for the perfect driver or new set of irons, and also enables golfers to groove their swings even more accurately – with lower scores and a more enjoyable round of golf the rewards.

A golfer’s angle of attack into the ball plays a major part in optimising ball speed, the quality of strike, and total distance achieved. Carl Bianco, head PGA professional at Woking Golf Club stated, “It’s a game-changing update. Until now we’ve needed a £10,000 launch monitor to determine the angle of attack. Nearly every bad driver of a golf ball I see has a downward attack angle, so this additional parameter is fantastic news for anyone who has a SkyPro.

“Modern-day drivers are all about spin characteristics, so Attack Angle is especially important when you’re buying a new driver. With many golfers also struggling to achieve the right downward angle of attack with their iron play, I can see Attack Angle being of massive benefit”.

Attack Angle is available now for SkyPro users with Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, with an announcement regarding the Android update expected soon. More at:

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