SkyCaddie’s £50-off ‘Dead or Alive’ Trade-in begins

“Bring out your dead” says SkyCaddie in its latest trade-in designed to help golfers to upgrade their golf Distance Measuring Device (DMD) to the highest Tour-proven standard in the sport.

Until December 15th, golfers will get £50 off a new SkyCaddie SX500 or SX400 if they trade in any GPS or laser rangefinder, any brand, any condition, dead or alive, at the same time.

To fulfil the trade-in retailers should discount the SX500 or SX400 by £50 (retail price including VAT) at the point of purchase after taking possession of the customer’s old laser or GPS device.

SkyCaddie’s Trade-In Form, which gives advice on how to obtain a credit on your account, should then be completed.

Although consumers have until December 15th to participate in the trade-in, retailers have until December 31st to process the trade-in and receive their credit.

Retailers with questions should email, or call SkyCaddie on 01844 296350.

Golfers who are fed up with being laser-blind behind trees and on uphill shots can bring their laser in, upgrade to a SkyCaddie, save £50 and enjoy complete coverage on every course they play.

And golfers who regret buying another brand of GPS which never even gets basic yardages right can trade it in, upgrade to a SkyCaddie, save £50 and rejoice in a new world of exclusive, ground-mapped, frequently-updated yardages to every blade of grass and significant hazard on the golf course – including SkyCaddie’s essential IntelliGreen Pro screen which gives them a comprehensive picture of the green ahead.

The choice is between the dazzling 5” HD screen of the SkyCaddie SX500 (RRP £379.95), now in use by dozens of Tour professionals on the Staysure Tour (formerly European Senior Tour), and the more compact 4” HD screen of the SkyCaddie SX400 (£299.95), new in autumn 2019.

On their new SkyCaddie SX500 or SX400 golfers will love IntelliPath, showing them carries and run-outs along their intended target line – handy for keeping the ball in play and out of the rough, bunkers and lakes.

They will also love Pin Position, which enables them to pre-load the day’s actual pin positions into their SkyCaddie for laser-beating speed and accuracy.

Only SkyCaddie creates and updates every golf course map on foot, with professional course mappers using surveying-quality equipment.

Golfers have until December 15th to bring their old DMD in to their local PGA pro shop or golf retailer to get the £50-off trade-in deal.

And remember … dead or alive!

For information about the new SkyCaddies, visit