SkyCaddie’s 3-in-1 LINX GT puts game tracking on your wrist

SkyCaddie’s new top-of-the-range GPS watch, the SkyCaddie LINX GT, adds an innovative game-tracking element to GPS accuracy when integrated with the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App, to produce the world’s most powerful wrist-mounted golf information system, and a 3-in-1 features set.

Leveraging the latest in golf technology, the SkyCaddie LINX GT Watch differentiates SkyCaddie from the GPS watch competition, the golf game-tracker competition, and the golf app competition, combining all three into one ‘best of everything’ solution.

The core function of the SkyCaddie LINX GT is to act as a standalone GPS watch, giving quick distances on your wrist to 35,000 preloaded and exclusive golf course maps worldwide. Using golf’s only ground-corrected precision course maps, the SkyCaddie LINX GT provides dynamic distances from wherever your ball lies to the Front, Centre and Back of every green in SkyCaddie’s database, plus quarterly course updates, all for no additional annual fees.

And when you need to see more information than the compact wrist display can provide, the SkyCaddie LINX GT gives you a better view of what’s ahead by pairing wirelessly with the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App to provide expanded views on your phone. But the SkyCaddie LINX GT is so much more than just a GPS watch. It is also golf’s first rangefinder to include a built-in shot tracking system which, when combined with SkyCaddie SmartTag club tags, allows golfers to track the club, location and distance of each shot.

SkyCaddie’s new GameTracker technology makes shot-tracking easy. The golfer merely attaches SmartTags  to each club in their bag and ‘tags’ a club to their SkyCaddie LINX GT watch before taking a shot. The golfer can then see the club, location and distance of each shot overlaid on the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App’s Interactive HoleVue screen.

During play golfers can also quickly review their shots in real time and get critical distance information, all while their data is automatically uploaded to their personal information centre in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud. The SkyCaddie LINX GT’s Truepoint GPS engine replaces your smartphone’s location services to provide distances you can trust while conserving your phone’s battery.

In the UK the basic SkyCaddie LINX GT package costs £229.95 including the LINX GT GPS watch plus a single SmartTag enabling golfers to try the GameTracker technology, plus a free 12-month SkyCaddie Mobile Premium subscription.

A full set of SkyCaddie Gametracker SmartTags can be bought separately for £59.95, or golfers can save money by electing to buy the SkyCaddie LINX GT Gametracker Edition with Tags for £269.95, which includes everything in the cheaper LINX GT package plus enough Smart Tags for every club in the bag, plus an attractive metal Divot Tool which contains a further user-definable SmartTag.

Your SkyCaddie LINX GT also displays smartphone notifications showing inbound calls with caller ID, voicemail notification, text messages and email alerts, plus fitness features making it a fully-functional multi-sport watch. The SkyCaddie LINX GT Gametracker system is currently available for use with Apple iOS apps, with Android options coming soon.

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