SkyCaddie welcomes R&A DMD ruling

Following the R&A’s recent announcement regarding Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) in amateur events, SkyCaddie has issued a statement from Jacqui Surman, the company’s Senior Vice President International Sales & Marketing.

It says in part: “Of course, we are very pleased to see the use of DMDs expanded and the recognition that DMDs provide essential distance information without impeding pace of play. It is important that the sport minimises confusion as regards new technology, particularly at amateur level. For example, we work closely both with the PGA of GB & Ireland in professional events, and with England Golf for its amateur events. In both cases Distance Measuring Devices are allowed to be used in competition, and SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of both organisations. The fact that both the club pro and the amateur golfer or club member can use their SkyCaddie when they compete, makes sense at the grass roots level of the sport. It helps the PGA pro to coach the club golfer, as they are both using the same technology, and it helps the golfer to play better.”