Royal & Awesome fans name new designs

Royal & Awesome fans inundated the company’s Facebook page with suggestions of names for its five new trouser designs. The new lines will be available from March 2015 and Royal & Awesome invited suggestions for them after revealing the new styles to their 150,000-plus Facebook followers. And they received more than 4,000 comments and ideas in just a few days.

The first person to suggest the chosen names of each of the five styles receives a complimentary pair of ‘trews’ as a reward for their ‘bright thinking’. And the chosen names were Trew Brit; Blue Plaid Trews; Back to the Fuchsia; Par-tee Pants; and Pars and Stripes.

Brand director Graeme Smeaton said, “This is the second year we have reached out to our followers on social media to help name our new lines. It’s a fabulous way of engaging with our customers and it helps to maintain the feeling of being one big Awesome family. And, anyway, our fans are way more clever and funny than we are!”

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