PowaKaddy reports strong demand for new range

PowaKaddy has reported strong sales of its new FW7, FW5 and FW3 models launched in April with the manufacturing team working around the clock to satisfy the surge in demand. The three models incorporate a plug ‘n’ play battery system and a robust, stylish PowaFrame.

The plug ‘n’ play battery system does away with fiddly connectors and replaces them with a new cassette system, where both lithium and lead acid batteries slot into the battery tray in one swift movement. For optimum performance all trolleys automatically adjust their settings to match the specific battery type. PowaKaddy has also incorporated a new ambidextrous control with soft touch grip for added comfort and improved functionality.

The PowaFrame and low-profile chassis featured on all FW3, FW5 and FW7 models have a compact three-fold system that fits easily into small car boots. A new sealed, easy to clean underside also protects vital components.

Commenting on the sales boost, Eddie Reid, managing director of the TGI Golf buying group said, “TGI Golf has enjoyed a strong relationship with PowaKaddy over the past decade and, having seen the impressive new Freeway range, I am confident they are set for a stellar year. With the original owners David Catford and John deGraft-Johnson back at the helm, it is clear to see they are steering the brand back to its best, delivering quality engineering and cutting-edge technology.”

Further details at: www.powakaddy.com