PowaKaddy reports sales surge for Freeway range

PowaKaddy has reported strong sales for the first half of 2014, following the launch of the company’s  Freeway range with a 25 percent lift in year-on-year sales of the new FW7, FW5 and FW3 models. The sales success is reinforced by a survey showing continuing consumer loyalty to the PowaKaddy brand. The survey of the UK trolley market conducted by golf social network HowDidiDo revealed the Kent-based manufacturer is still the most recognisable name in electric trolleys.

Delighted by the company’s performance over the course of the year, PowaKaddy chairman, John deGraft-Johnson, said, “Our sales for 2014 so far, as well as the findings from HowDidiDo’s consumer survey, confirm that PowaKaddy remains the brand of choice among golfers in the UK. With the quality of the new FW range, both in terms of manufacturing tolerances and the innovative technologies that it incorporates, we were always confident that it would be warmly received by the golfing public and retailers, alike.”

More details at: www.powakaddy.com