Ping launches new G30 series clubs

Ping has introduced the G30 series that the company says provides golfers with measurable distance gains without sacrificing key performance attributes such as control and forgiveness. The G30 series includes two driver options, standard and SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology), along with fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

The most visible innovation on the G30 driver is the patented turbulators engineered onto the crown. Inspired by the aeronautics and sporting industries that put a premium on speed, turbulator technology reduces aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed.

Ping says the entire G30 series benefits from new face technologies and materials, including the introduction of T9S titanium in the drivers, which results in thinner faces and weight savings that help position the centre of gravity low and back. The fairway woods utilise a high-strength Carpenter 475 steel in the face, and the hybrids are heat treated with an H900 process. Both result in hotter, more forgiving faces Ping states. The G30 iron face is thinner for higher ball speeds while being stabilised by a new custom tuning port design for predictable distance control.

The G30 SF Tec driver option is engineered for players whose shots typically end up right of the intended target. In player testing, the G30 SF Tec driver, which features weight closer to the heel and lighter swing weights, improved shot bend by 12 yards when compared to the G30 standard driver.

Ping has also increased the range of adjustability to five loft positions in the driver and fairway woods while maintaining the same mass and outer diameter as the company’s fixed hosels, providing the benefits of adjustability with no sacrifice in performance. The lightweight hosel allows golfers to increase or decrease loft 6/10 of a degree or one full degree to optimise launch conditions.       

John A. Solheim, Ping chairman and CEO said, “With the G30 series, our engineers once again accomplished something that is unique to Ping products. They elevated performance significantly in key areas without sacrificing other important attributes. Across the product line, we’ve proved you can hit the ball higher and farther while increasing forgiveness and control. We’ve also continued our focus on advancing custom fitting in the driver and fairway woods by offering five loft positions. All of this promotes the consistent, reliable results that will help golfers of any skill level shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.”