Pat beats huge odds with double aces

Amateur golfer Pat Smart achieved two holes-in-one in the same round at her club, a 40 million-to-one event. In the process Pat, who plays off eleven, won two limited-edition Boss watches. The 61 year old pharmacy assistant has been playing golf for 18 years and her first ace was at the 132-yard sixth hole at Lytham Green Drive Golf Club, in Lancashire. Her second came at the 141-yard thirteenth with a tee shot over a pond.

Having beaten such massive odds to record two aces in the same round Pat and husband Jim, 64, decided they should buy a lottery ticket – and they won £25!

Boss has pledged to reward club golfers with an exclusive watch for every hole-in-one recorded during a club competition. Pat is the first to record two in the same round. The scheme is open to any golfer whose club uses the HowDidiDo web-based social network for golfers and anybody playing in official club competitions is eligible. Currently, more than 1,800 clubs use the website.

Speaking of the second ace, Pat commented, “I had a couple of bad holes but when I hit a poor drive on twelve I just thought to myself, ‘Does it matter? I’ve just scored a hole-in-one!’. The thirteenth is around 141 yards over a pond and I hit a decent shot, which we saw land on the green. Marie (Pat’s playing partner) was open-mouthed as we watched it and she said ‘It’s not gone in again has it?’. I’m always glass half empty, so I walked to the back of the green again expecting to find it there when Marie said excitedly ‘it’s in the hole!’. I was very shocked.”