New UK distributor for Momentus training aids

The new UK distributor for Momentus Golf training aids is The Brand Clubhouse, run by long-standing PGA professionals Rod Brown and Grant Anderson, formerly of Onlinegolf and Motocaddy. As PGA pros Anderson and Brown say they recognise that teaching pros need to look constantly for new ways to keep clients engaged, achieve results and ultimately keep them coming back for more. 

Momentus training aids are said to be proven to help amateurs in particular ways. The Speed Whoosh for example quickly corrects an early release in the downswing and helps to add up to 10mph of clubhead speed. Other popular aids are the Swing Trainer Iron which helps golfers achieve the correct swing plane and the Power Hitter Driver, a heavy weighted club which is actually hit on the range to help build up golf specific muscles.

Momentus training aids provide an additional element during lessons and can help clients with their practice sessions between lessons. Teaching pros can also generate extra income by selling Momentus training aids to clients.

The Brand Clubhouse states that it has good stocks of the range in the UK and trade orders can be placed online. For more information and to open an account visit: