New Method Putters from Nike

Nike Golf’s new line of classically-designed Nike Method MOD putters, available November 1st.

“We were able to take a range of classic designs and make them perform like modern putters,” says David Franklin, Nike Golf master model-maker. “We incorporated Polymetal Groove technology, which allows athletes to lift the ball, launch it and turn it forward as quickly as possible for a truer roll. We removed weight from the centre, placing it in the heel and toe instead for a lower and deeper centre of gravity. It’s Nike’s interpretation on classic, familiar shapes.”

Each Nike Method MOD putter is weighted to length to ensure proper feel, and the line offers a range of toe hang options determined by where the weight is in relationship to the putter head. This allows athletes to choose a model to his or her personal preference for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy: MOD 00 (face-balanced); MOD 30 (30 degrees of toe hang); MOD 60 (60 degrees of toe hang); and MOD 90, (90 degrees of toe hang).

Nike Method MOD Putter

Availability: 11/1/2013

Specifications: MOD 00 RH 34”/35”, MOD 30 RH 34”/35”, MOD 60 RH 34”/35”,
MOD 60 LH 35”, MOD 90 RH 34”/35”

RRP: £180, €229.95, SEK 2,295