New golfing gadget launched

Northcoft Golf is launching its latest gadget at the London Golf Show. Endorsed by Sam Torrance, OBE and vice-captain of Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup, the Tee Up Foldaway is the ultimate in teeing-up devices and has been designed to help golfers extend their golfing lives.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, it is a progression on from Northcroft Golf’s successful Tee-Up MK2. The Tee-Up Foldaway has the added ability to be able to fold away neatly and be stored in any golf bag or suitcase, making it ideal for travelling. It is even small enough to be placed in ‘on board’ luggage.

John Bennett, managing director of Northcroft Golf comments, “The Tee-Up has been extremely popular with golfers who have a passion for the game but may not find bending down for the tee and ball as easy as it once was. Golfers have always been keen to travel far and wide to experience new golf courses so we decided to develop our successful Tee-Up concept that would fold away neatly and make it much more traveler friendly.”

Golf is not just walking and swinging the upper body, it also involves a lot of bending or squatting to place balls on tees, place and pick up markers or balls and collect the ball from the cup at the end of each hole. For many golfers there comes a time when back, hips and knees become less flexible, hands become less steady and retired golfers consider retiring from golfing. Players with trembling hands can often find it difficult to place the ball and players recovering from hip or knee operation, who still want to play, have to observe caution.

The Tee-Up Foldaway is specifically designed to cut out the need to bend and allows stable placement and removal of the tee and ball. The Tee-Up Foldaway has a patented stabilising spigot that rests on the ground behind the ball on its tee to compensate for any hand tremors; it is lightweight, robust and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Using the Tee-Up Foldaway, the golfer loads the ball and tee into the jaws and while still standing upright is then is able to place the ball and tee onto the teeing ground. Then after playing the shot picks up the tee and neatly folds up the Tee-Up Foldaway, ready for the next hole.

The Tee-Up Foldaway is priced at £51.50 including VAT and delivery and is available at

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