New – Golf Tourism England

A new body, Golf Tourism England, has been established within the golf travel industry to promote England as one of the most outstanding golfing destinations in the world.

Golf Tourism England’s first aim is to become the recognized body that represents every aspect of the golf tourism industry in England and to take a leading role in the development and marketing of the industry on an international stage.

The new body will also develop, coordinate and implement a range of services and activities that will benefit its members and to ultimately drive forward and expand golf tourism in England.

“Already the positive response by a number of English golf courses, resorts and regional destinations to the establishment of Golf Tourism England has shown that there is strong support for such a body to promote English golf. The quality, history and variety of the truly magnificent golf courses available in England have remained a well-kept secret internationally for far too long and this needs to be addressed,” comments Andrew Cooke, founder of Golf Tourism England.

“For many years now, Scotland, Ireland and Wales have all taken a proactive and coordinated approach to attracting golf tourism into their countries and have clearly reaped the rewards. Golf Tourism England will look to follow suit and ensure that English golf destinations are promoted around the world and so competing for a significant share of the lucrative golf tourism market.”

Importantly, the new initiative has also been endorsed by IAGTO.

IAGTO’s General Manager, Carlton Carugati, stated, “IAGTO welcomes a consolidated approach to promote golf tourism in England as it is long overdue and hopes that Visit England backs this venture so that the profile of English golf courses can be promoted on the same parallels as Scotland and Ireland at major golf shows and events.”