Movement management system used by Masters champion Danny Willett

Originally designed for elite sportspeople, The Performance Matrix (TPM) is a movement management system that can overcome recurring injury, reduce pain and improve performance. Delivered by a global network of TPM Pro clinicians, these independent practitioners include Paul Farquharson, from Spectrum Physiotherapy, whose patient – professional golfer, Danny Willett – became the second Englishman in history to win the Masters in April.

TPM’s approach can improve overall wellbeing as well as increase a person’s ability to do the activities that they love and even do them better. The comprehensive screening programme identifies a person’s ‘weak links’ and creates a bespoke retraining package for them.

Developed over 25 years by international educator, clinician and researcher, Sarah Mottram, TPM places ‘Movement Health’ at its heart. From professional clubs such as Southampton FC, to amateur players of a wide range of sports, TPM places the emphasis on the client to full engage in the TPM process, to assist their recovery.

Co-founder Sarah Mottram explains; “Moving well gives everyone the freedom to live a fulfilling life. With three distinct platforms, The Performance Matrix’s movement analysis and retraining systems offer unparalleled choice for improving and extending movement health. From any active individual to the highest performing athletes, The Performance Matrix delivers a solution to take you beyond your current state.”

Paul Farquharson first encountered TPM in 2014 when he enrolled on a course, run by Mottram. The physio comments; “Introducing TPM Pro into my practice has given me the tools to undertake advanced movement assessment and identify underlying issues far more effectively. It is a system that has the capacity to transform lives – it offers practitioners like me far greater insight into the causes of pain. When a player is compensating for any deficiency, it will prevent them performing to their full potential. Initiating good movement control has huge benefits.”

Many high profile and even keen amateur golfers often experience some level of back injury, due to the stresses the sport places on the back. TPM equips physiotherapists with a movement screening analysis to identify these prevalent movement faults. Through a personalised management strategy that includes regular movement control exercises, issues can be kept at bay – so players can stay out on the golf course.

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