Mizuno has revealed that, in just 14 months of their two-year life cycle, more sets of the Mizuno Pro 225 irons have been sold across Europe than of any previous MP iron models. In addition, the Mizuno Pro 223 irons are already the 3rd highest selling MP model  – just 14 months into their 24 month lifecycle.

“There has been a shift in the kinds of irons amateur players are choosing – triggered by engineering and manufacturing refinements.  The mid handicap player is increasingly drawn to a players type iron, as we’re able to pack more performance improvements into smaller, more compact clubheads.  Players and fitters are realising that ‘players’ irons are now far friendlier than they were just 10 years ago.”

“The trend to blending sets of more than one model as a custom build has also been a factor.  We now have mid handicap players choosing Mizuno Pro 221 muscle backs from 8-PW, into either the Mizuno Pro 225 or Mizuno Pro 223 long / mid irons.  The difference between the handicaps is often just where they make the split within the set.  For tour players, might just be the 4 iron.”

David Matthews / Mizuno EMEA

Mizuno Pro has always been Mizuno’s most forward-thinking iron series and this latest incarnation, the Mizuno Pro Series, features cutting-edge engineering concealed within precise playing profiles that are preferred by the game’s elite players. They were designed as players’ irons but with a little rocket fuel added to the mix. Showcasing the recent feel orientated introductions of Grain Flow Forging HD and soft copper underlay, they offer a superb blend of power and playability.

The Mizuno Pro 225 iron is the most playable of the Mizuno Pro series but it’s more compact than the Hot Metal Blade it replaced. While the Mizuno Pro 223 iron was a completely new concept – A compact player’s profile, with Chromoly Forged and a hidden micro-slot from 4-7 iron.

Matthews added: “Back 20 years ago – players wanted to see visible technology hanging off their irons.  Tastes are a lot more sophisticated now.  Mizuno has always leaned to hiding technology incredibly well and that’s players increasingly prefer.”

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