Lynx launches ‘game improver’ irons

Lynx is to launch new ‘game improver’ Boom Boom irons and Boom Boom 3 drivers with brightly coloured Graffaloy BiMatrx TP steel-tipped shafts. The new irons have a wider sole than the standard Boom Boom irons and have more offset, a combination which helps players get the ball airborne and proves more forgiving on mishits.

Lynx CEO, Steve Elford said, “The extra distance gained by better players to the original Boom Boom irons was phenomenal, but we felt that higher handicap players weren’t always fully able to maximise the benefits of the technology. Adding offset  and widening the sole of the ‘game improver’ version of the Boom Boom irons means even more players will now be able to experience their power and performance.”

Lynx has also increased the custom shaft choice on its Boom Boom 3 driver to include the GraffaloyBiMatrx Tour Prototype. This combination is said to allow golfers to increase driver loft by as much as 30 percent while offering a 20 percent reduction in spin rate.

The company says it is dedicated to supporting ‘green grass’ pro shop businesses, with more than 450 accounts in the UK, and is an official supplier to the TGI Golf Partnership. More at: