Lamkin introduces three layer grip

Lamkin has introduced a new line of high-performance UTx grips, the first to feature the company’s proprietary Tri-Layer Technology, designed to optimise grip feel for enhanced shot-making capabilities and exceptional wet-weather performance.

The UTx grip is made up of three functional layers. The foundation of the grip is made of patented ACE 3GEN, a super tacky and softer material to provide enhanced comfort. The middle layer is a moisture-wicking fabric weave that delivers surface traction and grip control in wet weather. Finally, the outer layer is a firmer ACE 3GEN compound designed to limit torque and minimise shot dispersion. UTx is available in three colours and both a standard and midsize option.

Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin said, “It’s a perfect formula of proven grip materials, but blended in a unique way to provide a performance advantage that is immediately evident.”

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