Lamkin gets colourful

Lamkin Corporation has recently introduced a full range of colours for its new i-LINE range. Now available in five colours as well as traditional black, the i-LINE putter grip range uses a combination of thermo-plastic material and Lamkin’s Crossline pattern. This combination delivers a surface that remains tacky for longer, with an etched texture to promote a light-pressure grip.

For those who do want something a bit bigger in a putter grip Lamkin offer the Deep Etched Paddle. This was used by Justin Rose for his back to back wins in July. The EBL paddle is another larger option.

Both the Deep Etched paddle and the EBL paddle, as well as Lamkin’s best-selling Crossline Paddle, offer a firm material combined with a paddle design to provide a little more stroke control and grip stability. The three designs differ slightly in surface pattern, providing options based on a golfer’s personal feel preferences and in the case of the Crossline, improved traction for wet weather performance. More at: