LA GOLF are proud to introduce their NEW Gen 2 carbon putters featuring the largest sweet spot in golf to the UK market. Both new models, the heel-toe weighted blade (Bel-Air) and midsize mallet (Malibu), have standard-size clubheads whereas the brands first-generation putter heads were oversize

This new generation of carbon putters, the “Bel-Air” and “Malibu” series, each featuring descending loft face technology, the P-Series anti-vibration shaft (typically £349 just for the shaft), and the largest sweet spot on the market at just under 7,000 MOI (previously the largest sweet spot on the market was around 5,000 MOI), all for only £499.

The innovative company, founded by Reed Dickens, is ready to disrupt the golf putter realm. They’re taking a new approach to design and manufacturing that is making noise on Tour and beyond. And this isn’t Dickens’ first time in the sports arena. The LA Golf founder previously worked his magic in baseball, launching Marucci Sports and helping the Marucci baseball bat to become the number one bat in Major League Baseball.

The Beverly Hills based firm went to market in 2021 with premium aftermarket handmade shafts. “We don’t make stock shafts,” Dickens declared, and some of the world’s best players took note, including Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson and Michelle Wie West, who joined as partners, board members and assist with R&D.

The playing partners are more than just faces at the forefront of the brand strategy. These players are engaged in every aspect of the business and their unique on-course expertise is used to help design and test every LA Golf product including shafts, putters and the new LA Golf Ball which launches in the UK later this year.


Dickens also commented: “Nobody had innovated shafts in 50 years; Every shaft is mass produced and rolled like an ice cream cone in factories overseas. You have golfers using putters with a flat face, a solid steel head, a tiny sweet spot and a $5 shaft now you have an alternative that addresses all of those flaws.”

“We figured out how to make an even better putter for less money,” he said. “Our sweet spot is larger, our graphite shaft is completely stable so the head doesn’t contort on impact, and we have the ‘Descending Loft’ face so no matter where you strike the ball in the arc, it’ll have optimal roll off the face.”

The design goal for the newly-engineered P-Series graphite shaft (£349, when sold separately) was simple: Eliminate shaft twist on off-center putts. To do so, the shaft is extremely stiff (the flex is equivalent to “Tour Extra Stiff”) with low torque (1.8-degrees). Just as critical, the proprietary materials used produce a much softer feel than the static measurements might suggest.

Why make a putter from carbon?
“The density of carbon fiber/epoxy is more than five-times lighter than stainless steel,” said Jeff Meyer, Chief Design Officer at LA GOLF. “Therefore, we have much more discretionary weight to help optimize the center of gravity and Moment of Inertia (MOI). Most stainless-steel putter heads weigh around 350 grams. Our Bel-Air carbon body weighs only 50 grams. We use 200 grams of tungsten weight in the heel and toe to achieve our large MOI.” In other words, the uber-stable, 360-gram blade helps putts stay on-track and roll out their full distance.

LA GOLF’s Bel-Air and Malibu series are both available now at:  

PRICES: BEL-AIR £499.00, MALIBU £499.00

About LA Golf 

LA GOLF partners with the world’s greatest players to create the most innovative products in golf.  LA GOLF was founded by Reed Dickens, the founding CEO of Marucci Sports, where he led the campaign to disrupt the baseball bat industry and ultimately displace Louisville Slugger as the number one bat in Major League Baseball.

Dickens is now deploying his proven playbook in the golf space: partnering with players, developing unique intellectual property featuring advanced material sciences in each product bearing the LA GOLF name.

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