KBS shafts aims for repeat win at The Open

KBS Golf Shafts is hoping to repeat its success at The Open championship this year, after it supplied shafts for last year’s winner. Created by shaft designer Kim Braly and using tour player feedback, the KBS Tour Series features advanced steel shaft technology. KBS shafts are used in leading club manufacturer’s irons and KBS recorded 27 professional worldwide wins during 2013, including three of the majors.

The KBS product line focuses on five shaft models: KBS Tour, KBS Tour-V, KBS Tour  90, KBS C-Taper and KBS C-Taper Lite. The company has its own KBS Education Centre designed to assist golf industry professionals in their knowledge of KBS Golf Shafts technology.

The number of players using KBS shafts in their irons and wedges on the US PGA Tour has risen to 54 with 13 more added this year so far. The company is expanding its operations globally and has a dedicated rep for the European Tour.

Rob Cheng, CEO of KBS Golf Shafts commented, “The growth of KBS on Tour has really been remarkable. We’ve noticed a significant increase in players using KBS in just a few short years. The 2013 season and the beginning of this year are perfect indicators. We’re looking forward to the rest of the year, especially considering the rapid adoption of our newest product, the KBS Tour-V shaft.”

More details at: http://kbsgolfshafts.com