Women’s Golf Day (WGD) has launched a new social community, WGD CONNECT to provide support and connectivity for men and women around the globe who share a passion for golf. WGD launches this new platform today in line with the International Women’s Day theme of Inspiring Inclusion as it aligns perfectly with the campaign.

“Inclusion has always been one of the driving forces for the Women’s Golf Day team,” commented Elisa Gaudet, Founder of Women’s Golf Day whilst attending The Forbes Women’s Summit 30/50 in Abu Dhabi. “We know that strength comes from knowing that there are women and men out there who see the value of genuine inclusivity. By connecting these people together, we know great things will happen. We see this on the golf course, at industry networking events and throughout our day to day lives. WGD Connect gives people access to the strength that this community offers 365 days of the year. The ability to connect with people around the corner or across the world.”

WGD Connect can be reached through the main website and gives golfers more opportunities to engage, empower and support women around the globe – every day of the year. WGD Connect users can create their own profile, connect to friends they know and find new connections. It also allows partners of WGD to communicate with this active community on a regular basis.

To sign up to WGD Connect:
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