Honma with UK Exclusive

Japanese club-maker Honma has brought two new 2014 items to the UK and one is a UK exclusive.

The company says “British golfers are getting a bonus with the latest wedge, the 2014 Tour World Wedge (TW-W), being available in the UK from April”.

“Tour World has quickly become Honma’s most popular range in the UK” said Honma UK spokesman Andy Hiseman. “But although we were offering the excellent Honma Beres W-105C Wedge to complement the irons, our customers were keen to play a wedge which was cut from the same cloth as the rest of the Tour World line, particularly lower-handicap golfers. So we are delighted to be able to bring this beautiful, high-performance Honma wedge to this country, as an exclusive treat for British golfers”.

Also launched this month is Honma’s hand-built 2014 Tour World TW-U, a powerful new driving iron.

A club for the more aggressive, confident golfer, the muscular-looking TW-U clubhead  is cast in MS225 steel with tungsten weights on the back face combined with a wide sole to give a deep, low centre of gravity.

“The TW-U is an old-school driving iron which suits the stronger golfer who likes to propel the ball on a penetrating flight path to a distant green” said Hiseman. “If you come up against an opponent who is wielding one of these, you know you are in for a tough game.”

  • Honma Tour World TW-U Driving Iron .. £375 RRP
  • Honma Tour World TW-W Wedge .. £225 RRP