HOLE MORE PUTTS Launches Globally

HOLE MORE PUTTS the  high tech, portable solution for achieving a repeatable and consistent putting stroke has gone global.

After a successful launches in the UK, HoleMorePutts is now available in over 60 countries across the globe via the HoleMorePutts web site: www.holemoreputts.com. In most cases delivery will take as little as 3 days whilst those more far flung destinations could add an extra day or two at the most.

Product & Marketing Director, Robert Slade- Baker said “As word of this unique product spreads across the world we have been staggered at the demand for more information and how to buy product. Fortunately, getting product to purchasers is a relatively simple process and the feedback from golfers worldwide is overwhelmingly positive.

We have videos of golfers practicing their putting at home, in the office as well as at the golf course and this is one of the great benefits of HoleMorePutts. Being wireless, it’s portable and takes seconds to set up – it really is the go anywhere/use anywhere way of getting a repeatable putting stroke”.

Featuring an iPad style tablet with patented infrared technology, HOLE MORE PUTTS measures the five key elements of the putting stroke as defined by the PGA – Face Angle, Impact Point, Path, Angle of Attack and Speed – providing instant analysis of the putting stroke on a hi visibility screen.

The HOLE MORE PUTTS Technology analyses the putting stroke and after just 5 putts calculates a player’s ‘Putting Index’ (%) – their putting performance score. When synchronized with the Tablet, the HOLE MORE PUTTS App & Website give a visualization of each putt, detailed analysis of the putting stroke and personalized video instruction in an easy-to-follow format, guaranteed to improve your game!

Robert commented “We consulted with a number of golf coaches throughout the development phase and they told us repeatedly that without feedback, golfers don’t know if they’re practicing a good habit or just repeating a bad one. Without solutions and drills, they have no idea what to practice in order to improve.

HOLE MORE PUTTS instantly provides golfers with this information and instruction based on what is shown on the screen. For the first time ever a golfer can see what to focus on in order to get the greatest improvement – and they can now do this just about anywhere”.

Requiring very little space, HOLE MORE PUTTS can be used indoors and outdoors, at home or in the office, to improve putting performance. Ongoing use will help golfers of all standards to build a clear picture of their putting strengths and weaknesses, to develop a stroke that is effective time after time.

For more information or to make a purchase visit www.holemoreputts.com

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