golfclubs4cash records 1 millionth sale!

Europe’s biggest second-hand golf equipment retailer golfclubs4cash has smashed through the 1 million clubs sold mark, in another incredible milestone for the company in its 10th anniversary year.

The millionth club sold came during the extremely successful Black November promotion that saw huge numbers of golfers from all over the U.K. upgrading their golfing gear from an unmatched range of equipment.

“The response to our Black November promotion shows that there are still more golfers than ever who want to upgrade their equipment. And to record the sale of our 1 millionth club really is the icing on the cake,” commented Dean Cracknell, Head of Marketing at golfclubs4cash. “There are a lot of people wondering if the demand for golf will last into next year. I can only say that from our perspective, the demand for equipment upgrades is looking strong, so we believe that the game will remain in good health. If we can continue to offer choice, great service and exceptional value to the customer, I can only see us racing towards the 2 million club mark in half the time!”

The millionth club sold is one of several significant milestones for golfclubs4cash. In this, its 10th anniversary year, the company has passed 35,000 Trust Pilot reviews, recorded 100,000 eBay Seller Points and has returned its highest number of clubs sold and traded in, in its history. With statistics like this it’s clear that golfers all over the U.K. are planning to continue their love affair with the game of golf, and that golfclubs4cash is set to be a big part of their future plans.