Golf Pride Introduces All New Putter Grip with Reverse Taper Technology

Golf Pride, an industry leader in golf performance equipment, unveils its new putter grip featuring Reverse Taper Technology. Engineered to optimise both hands during the putting stroke to help square the clubface at impact, Reverse Taper putter grips will be available for purchase at retail and golf course locations beginning March 4.

Drawing on 75 years of inspiration, coupled with extensive consumer testing, Golf Pride designed Reverse Taper with a slimmer upper half and wider lower section to help anchor the top hand for stability and reduce tension in the lower hand for smooth acceleration through the stroke. Additionally, Reverse Taper prevents micro-levers in the stroke, helping golfers to not flip their wrists at impact.

Reverse Taper is constructed using polyurethane to deliver the right softness, texture and weight that enables more consistency and confidence in golfers’ hands. The feel is soft, yet responsive with unique traction elements to help each hand control speed. The grips feature a vibrant colour palette with visual cues and textures to help with finger placement regardless of how a player likes to grip their putter. Despite there being multiple sizes, the weight of each model maintains a balanced ‘sweet spot’ so golfers can sense the putter head throughout the stroke.

Reverse Taper is available in two sizes in three unique shapes:


  • Round – Universally popular for all hand gripping techniques; features a traditionally round upper section that tapers into a wider lower section
  • Pistol – Classic pistol shape to help golfers lock in their upper hand; designed for all and often popular with players who use a left-hand-low technique (right-handed golfer)
  • Flat – Slightly more oval shaped upper section; designed for all and often preferred by golfers with a palm-to-palm putting stroke style

“Within the putter grip category, we observed a trend in which manufacturers were actively trying to design products that removed the hands from the putting process, whereas our research indicates that by optimising the connection between the hands and grip, players can improve their performance,” says James Ledford, President of Golf Pride. “Through hundreds of concept iterations, our innovation team created Reverse Taper, which has tested quite positively with players of all skill levels.”

Reverse Taper is just the second product in Golf Pride’s storied history that was conceptualised, designed and tested at their state-of-the-art Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst, USA. Located next to world-famous Pinehurst No.8, the GIC is the epicentre for all global consumer research, product design and brand marketing.

For more information on Golf Pride, please visit or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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