Golf Genius Takes Contactless Solution To The Next Level With Digital Scorecard

Golf Genius Software has taken its contactless golf solution to the next level with the release of a ‘digital scorecard’ which allows the company to run golf tournaments without the need for traditional paper scorecards.

The Golf Genius digital scorecard removes the requirement for players to exchange physical scorecards in competitive rounds, instead providing a modern, contactless, and safe solution for tournament play.

Golf Genius has worked closely with the USGA to implement an approach that aligns with the Rules of Golf as an alternative to the paper scorecard. 

Gareth Londt, Managing Director of GHIN and IT at the USGA, commented: “The COVID-19 pandemic has driven golf innovation and new ways of thinking, and golfers and administrators directly benefit from these new tools. A digital scorecard is one more way golf can be more sustainable while promoting a game that is connected and contactless at the same time.”  

When using the digital scorecard feature – which can be turned on or off for specific tournaments – a tournament administrator can easily control who acts as the marker for each player. 

When a golfer logs into the Golf Genius mobile app with a unique Golf Genius ID, the player will be able to record hole-by-hole scores for one or more other players, and can also record their own score. 

At the end of the round, the players can view both the marker and the player’s scores to ensure that they align, and resolve any differences. Both players can then use their unique Golf Genius IDs to sign and approve the final submitted electronic scorecard.

Chris Kallmeyer, Golf Genius co-CEO commented: “Demand for hole-by-hole live scoring has skyrocketed this year as associations and clubs focused on contactless golf. 

“In view of this we have taken live scoring to the next level by providing an electronic replacement for the traditional role of a marker in the paper scorecard world. While the pandemic certainly accelerated demand for a digital scorecard, this is a natural and needed evolution from traditional golf to a technology-driven version of the sport.” 

Golfers can refresh their iOS or Android Golf Genius mobile apps if not set for automatic update, and the digital scorecard will be available immediately. When a tournament administrator specifies digital scorecards for an event, each player will be assigned a unique Golf Genius ID (GGID), and can then take on the role of marker for other players. ­ 

Golf Genius has assigned extra resource into developing enhancements specifically to improve contactless golf. To find out more, contact one of the Golf Genius International team by sending an email to

Click here to watch a video for an in-depth look of the new digital scorecard feature. 

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