Foresight sees the benefits of Orlando show

Foresight showed its GC2 and HMT technology at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida (21 to 24 January). Foresight Sports Europe’s sales director Ed Doling, led a large contingent of staff and commented: “It was really windy on the demo day but the great thing about the data on our machine is that it is always pure, accurate and not affected by the weather. When working on windy days, or in bad weather, our data is unaffected by down-range conditions. If you hit a gentle fade into a right to left wind, then the GC2 reports that gentle fade perfectly. Our data is always pure as we directly measure the movement and spin of the ball. And that was certainly the feedback we got from the many visitors who came to our stand at the outdoor day. They appreciated that their data was spot on and unaffected by the gusts.”

The Foresight stand was the largest of all the technology companies at the show this year. Doling added: “Foresight technology was also in use on dozens of other stands across the show floor. Because it’s so accurate, anytime anybody wanted to demonstrate the before and after effects of their product they were using Foresight technology.”