Foremost survey is sales pointer for EMP members

Foremost Golf has completed what it believes to be Britain’s largest public equipment survey on behalf of its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) members. The survey attracted a total of over 19,500 respondents from all over the country and has information which EMP professionals will be able to use to maximise equipment sales and business opportunities over the winter and into 2015.

It show which brands are currently most popular in the driver, irons, wedge, putter and ball markets, which clubs respondents are likely to play next and how often they are likely to change each club in their bag. All Foremost’s EMP members received a copy of the completed survey together with a personal report drawn up by their EMP campaign managers setting out how best to use the findings to their advantage.

The new equipment survey is the latest initiative aimed at helping EMP members boost their retail income and follows independent research undertaken by Datatech showing EMP members are already outperforming their on-course and off-course rivals in most key retail categories. Foremost recently signed up its 300th EMP member and it is anticipated that number will continue to increase heading into the start of the 2015 season.

Foremost director, Andy Martin stated, “It would be no exaggeration to suggest our new equipment survey contains a treasure trove of information our EMP members can use to maximise their sales during the coming year. On one level it gives our EMP members a massive head start when it comes to making a decision on what products to stock in their shops and it also goes deeper because it provides every EMP professional with valuable information of what each respondent from his club is likely to purchase next.”

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