Foremost now has Foresight

Foremost Golf has agreed a deal making Foresight Sports its latest Approved Supplier. It means that Foremost members will have special access to the company’s advanced Game Changer 2 (GC2) and Head Measurement Technology (HMT) which has changed club fitting, analysis, and coaching since its launch in 2010.

By using built-in ultra-high-speed cameras, rather than radar, Foresight technology directly measures all critical ball and clubhead data with no calculations, estimations or algorithms providing an accurate and affordable tool for club fitters, retailers, and teaching professionals. Directly imaging and measuring the exact movement of the dimple patterns on the golf ball or the exact delivery of the club, ensures pure, accurate, reliable data, which in turn means Foresight is suitable for all seasons and conditions, whether indoors, on the range, or on the short-game area.

Foremost CEO, Paul Hedges stated, “I am pleased to announce with have signed a new deal to make Foresight Sports our latest Approved Supplier. Foresight Sports are acknowledged leaders in the field and as such are a perfect fit for us here at Foremost Golf.”

Ed Doling, sales director for Foresight Sports Europe, confirmed, “All of us at Foresight Sports Europe are delighted that we are now an Approved Supplier to Foremost Golf. As the number one technology in the golf industry it feels only right that we are working closely with the UK’s leading retail group. To be recognised by Foremost as the essential technology for any golf professional, fitter, or retailer is further confirmation from the golf industry that Foresight is the technology of now and the future. We look forward to demonstrating the wide range of benefits our Foresight technology offers when we meet with Foremost members in the coming weeks and months.”