FootGolf, a sporting revolution?

GOLF RETAILING recieved a press release this month from European Golf who claim “FootGolf, is the latest revolution to hit the world of sport”. They say that “It combines the social aspect and elegance of Golf with the world’s passion for Football. Like golf, FootGolf is very addictive and great fun to play as it combines both sports, yet only requires a basic amount of skill to play. The key to being a good FootGolf player is having a mixture of power and precision, with the added feel that you’d have with a golf club”.

Like Golf the aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes as possible.

The first affiliated FootGolf course in the UK, installed by European Golf at ‘One Stop Golf’ in Hull.  was designed to test every player’s ability whether young, old, novice or professional.  Each of the 9 holes on the course is designed differently, in a similar way to regular golf, with a mix of bunkers, water hazards and even three tier greens. A Football, scorecard and pencil is all you need to play and start enjoying the sport of FootGolf.


The company  claim that “Whilst being a revolution in sport, FootGolf is also a potential revolution waiting to happen at any golf club, pitch and putt course or general sports area. The opportunity to turn an under utilised area  into a new exciting revenue stream, cannot be ignored by any organisation. As the balls used are soft, there are no longer many of the health and safety concerns associated with Pitch and Putt courses, where holes can run dangerously close to each other”.

We’ll let you decide…


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