EnduraCool hits the spot for Garcia

Mission EnduraCool is an instant cooling towel based on patented technology, allowing the fabric to cool instantly when wet. Wendy Kula, senior vice president of marketing states, “EnduraCool technology delivers fast and sustained cooling effects in a soft, breathable fabric without feeling heavy and wet. A true performance and safety product, the EnduraCool Towels are helping to address one of the biggest and most serious problems facing athletes at all levels – overheating. Whether you’re young or old, active or not, keeping your body temperature down is key to peak performance and recovery.”

Sergio Garcia commented, “This product is perfectly designed for golfers and caddies. I play in the sun the vast majority of time, and overheating can have a huge impact on my ability to perform. When I’m playing I carry two with me at all times – one to dry my hands, and another to for a quick hit of cool between walking the fairway”.