Direct Golf UK invests in new distribution system

Direct Golf UK is investing in new storage and distribution systems to ensure it continues to provide quality of service. The company has outgrown its existing home in an old textile mill in Huddersfield and has joined forces with Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions (MFS), a fulfilment company, to move its outdated storage and distribution centre to Wetherby. In addition it is benefiting from a seven-figure investment in computer software into which the distribution of the stock will be incorporated, leading to a smoother, more efficient handling of web and mail-order deliveries.

MFS will provide more than 100,000 square feet of purpose-built warehousing, an increase of more than 35 percent on Direct Golf’s current facility. This provides increased 24-hour security and improved quality control with state-of-the-art picking systems driven by specially designed distribution software.

John Andrew, the chairman and owner of Direct Golf, said, “The facility offered by MFS is a vast improvement in all areas and is able to cope with any future expansion. Like any company we are looking for efficient ways to ensure we remain a profitable business. This will enable us to maintain our quick, low-cost delivery services in a world where, increasingly, everyone wants everything yesterday. This move ensures we are able to deliver on customers’ expectations even at a time when we are increasing our brands and, therefore, demand on our warehousing and distribution.”

Photo shows: John Andrew (l), shaking hands with MFS’ managing director, Duncan Marrison, watched by MFS chief executive Tony Gill