Craggs hails Talon training aid

One of the UK’s top coaches has become an ambassador for Ojee Golf after being “massively impressed” with the company’s recently launched TALON training aid.

Kevin Craggs, voted a UK top-25 coach by Golf Monthly magazine, has built his reputation on successfully improving golfers at all levels, from amateurs to European Tour winners, and most recently was credited with rebuilding the career of 2015 Solheim Cup star Melissa Reid.

Craggs first saw the TALON at March’s Scottish Golf Show, where it was launched officially, and the former Scottish national coach was impressed immediately.He said: “I was very intrigued and interested with the TALON product as there are very few devices, which measure the key parameters within the set-up, that are affordable to the everyday golfer.”

He approached company founders Matt and Paul Hulbert asking if they would give him more information about the measurements of the TALON and was instantly amazed by the level of accuracy, coupled with its simplicity and user-friendly features.

He continued: “Whether you’re a professional or amateur, practice without feedback is nothing more than exercise, and it’s a known fact the swing revolves around the set-up; therefore, the TALON training aid is the perfect device for any golfer with a genuine passion to improve, as it provides instant and accurate feedback on the set-up, which influences both the strike and flight of a golf ball.”

Over the past few weeks Craggs has incorporated the TALON training aid into his daily coaching sessions – much to the delight of those he works alongside.

He added: “My clients – from amateur to professional – absolutely love the device and have seen the benefits it provides. Too often, what we feel and what is real can be very different, particularly when it comes to the set-up position. However, the TALON takes out all the guesswork and provides my players with personal parameters, creating greater consistency in their set-up and swing.”

The innovative TALON training aid delivers real-time, visual feedback through a digital display unit that attaches to the top of any golf club. Together with a separate, wireless back unit, the TALON utilises patent-pending technology to remove guesswork by calculating and displaying clearly four critical angles of address: spine angle, club-shaft angle, club-shaft-to-spine angle, and rotation angle of the club-face.

Ojee Golf chief executive and TALON creator Matt Hulbert said: “Kevin was on a stand adjacent to ours at the show and came over and took a look at the TALON. We were overwhelmed by his enthusiasm for the product and we have continued to talk extensively since then. To have a coach of his credibility work alongside us and help develop the product further, is a big boost for us, both professionally and for our morale. It reaffirms that we are doing something right.”

The TALON retails at £225 and can be purchased through the Ojee Golf website


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