Coaches “switching to Foresight”

Golf coaches and teaching professionals at every level are following household names such as Butch Harmon and Martin Hall by switching “in ever greater numbers” to Foresight Sports’ market-leading launch-monitor and analysis technology – that was the conclusion from last month’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

The company’s stand featured a massive curved widescreen Foresight simulator – driven by the company’s Game Changer 2 (GC2) and Head Measurement Technology (HMT) – which showcased the new FSX software, designed to offer the most realistic graphical golf environment yet, blurring the lines between virtual and real courtesy of its 4k output, and which is now available across Europe.

Tom Jarrett-Kerr, Foresight Sports Europe’s marketing manager, explained: “The FSX 3D-modelling engine is the most technologically advanced on the market and takes gaming, fitting and coaching to a whole new level, containing, as it does, a host of new features and advancements.

“In gaming mode it allows the golfer to challenge up to seven real or virtual players, or test skills against other golfers across the globe, in events such as nearest-the-pin or longest drive. And its data capture is second to none for practice, with constantly updated reporting and analysis, integrated video swing analysis and an all-new, intuitive user interface. And, when fully integrated with a new My Performance account, FSX offers cloud-based online performance analysis, while storing skill-building, competition and game score results.”

Foresight also announced the launch of the ground-breaking One-Dot HMT enhancement. Available now via a firmware update, this step-change allows HMT to track critical club data using just one dot – though the four-dot system still functions perfectly for those professionals or fitters wishing to measure every available element of club delivery. By placing a single dot in the high centre of the face HMT can capture path, angle of attack and club-head speed for every club in the bag.

The One-Dot HMT update also works with putters, opening up new opportunities for putter fitting and coaching while doing away with the need for a separate putting analysis system.

Jarrett-Kerr added: “While the huge simulators and incredible FSX graphics may have grabbed the attention of people from across the other side of the hall, as always it is the accuracy and reliability of our directly measured, non-calculated data which has persuaded so many to switch to Foresight. Coaches at every level of the game – from grass-roots professionals to household names – were visiting the stand, telling us why they were a convert. It feels like the understanding of how cameras outperform radar is spreading really quickly.”

Foresight’s GC2 technology directly measures the exact movement of the dimple patterns on the golf ball at launch using ultra-high-speed cameras to ensure pure, reliable data for every club, every shot, every player and every swing, while HMT, independently, directly measures the industry’s greatest range of critical club data.

Following its launch six years ago, Foresight Sports technology was swiftly recommended by many of the world’s leading club manufacturers and has since been adopted by many of the world’s top players and coaches, such as Butch Harmon, while leading golf retailers, including American Golf in the UK, have installed it in many stores. Indeed, Harmon said: “It’s the finest launch monitor I’ve ever seen … far and away the best we’ve ever used.”

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