Club Car injects efficiency into new engine

Club Car has announced the development of a new 50 percent more efficient EFI (electronic fuel injection) engine which will feature on the company’s Villager 6 and 8 models, as well as the recently launched line of Carryall vehicles.

Developed in partnership with Subaru, the compact 14 horsepower engine delivers better fuel economy, improved cold starting and enhanced power because of EFI and electronic CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) technology adopted from the automotive industry.

The new EFI engine’s automotive style chain driven OHC (overhead cam) uses hemispherical head technology that delivers improved intake efficiency, faster acceleration, and reduced emissions, which are unmatched by older OHV (overhead valve) engines.

A filter-less oil system helps reduce emissions and environmental impact by 33 percent every oil change, and enables golf clubs and courses to decrease maintenance costs of a petrol fleet. The 404cc, Subaru single-cylinder OHC and engine block have unique designs to help reduce engine and oil temperatures, which, in turn, reduce wear and results in a longer engine life.

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