Champ launch Grips

Champ, the American brand best known for its heritage in spikes and golf accessories, has entered a grips market for the first time with a new range of five models (pictured).

“We’ve spent countless time and resources perfecting the technology and designs that make these grips so effective,” says Harris MacNeill, president and CEO of Champ. “Our intention is not simply to add these products to our existing catalogue, but rather to become the leader in the category, similar to our dominance in the spike market.”

The new range incorporates four swing grips and one putter model. The swing grips start with the entry-level C2, and work up through C4 and C6 to the premium C8. The C8 is made from Japanese Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) compound which should produce great feel, and the compound has been infused with Kevlar for torque control and durability. A tacky surface should provide excellent grip in all weather conditions.

The C1 putter grip comes in a pistol shape, and is made from “super-soft, super-light” polyurethane and features a non-slip diamond design.