Bunker Mentality seeks brand Ambassadors

An ‘International Ambassadors Programme’ has been launched by apparel brand Bunker Mentality. Applications to the Ambassadors Programme are open to golfers of any ability around the world with no need to be a member of a golf club. The key qualifications are a dedication to the game and a desire to play the game in style. The ‘cut’ has been set at 20 Ambassadors and each successful applicant will be given their own special page on the Bunker website where they can show their own ‘bunkerstyle’.

Bunker Mentality’s Robert Hart stated, “Golf is a game full of stars but our stars are the golf addicts who get up at dawn to burst balls somewhere awesome, who tear up fairways the world over, every day of the year. We design for them and manufacture for them, these are our Bunker ‘golf stars’.”

To find out more visit: www.bunker-mentality.com/ambassadors