Brocket Hall GC scores high in 59Club secret surveys

Brocket Hall Golf Club has been using the services of the golf industry’s mystery shopper service, 59Club, to gain objective feedback on its performance across a number of areas. These include the initial phone reservation; the golfer’s arrival at the club; and the on-course experience in both services and course presentation. Every aspect of a member and visitor’s experience is monitored.

Latest feedback shows that Brocket Hall is out-performing 59Club’s three best clubs in the UK – referred to as the Podium score – in three particular categories. Practice facilities, including the Palmerston Academy are scoring at an impressive 95.6 percent, against a Podium score of 86.5. The club’s ‘on-course services’ also outperformed the very best clubs, scoring 68.7 percent to the Podium score of 66.2. The third area in which Brocket Hall outperformed the Podium score was in ‘on-course presentation’, with a high score of 92.9 percent, beating the Podium score of 90.3.

David Griffin, the director of golf operations at Brocket Hall, said, “These independent scores confirm what we had all felt for years: our service is ‘well above average’. Whether you’re a day visitor or a member, the condition and presentation of the golf course is of massive importance. And we are 100 percent committed to maintaining our very high standards now and in the future.”