Amateurs see benefits of Bushnell

As well as being the number one choice of professionals, Bushnell rangefinders are also at the forefront of the amateur game, with England South Region and Surrey County coach John Noble extolling the performance and versatility of Bushnell devices for his elite students and amateurs.

Noble has been using Bushnell devices as part of his coaching regime since 2011, seeing their use as an integral part of his player’s preparation ahead of tournament play.

“We always incorporate Bushnell laser rangefinders into our practice rounds and tournament preparations, where we will visit the course prior to the event and use the devices to help map it out, with all the elevation changes detailed,” says Noble.

Whilst the performance benefits of Bushnell devices in competitive rounds tend to be understood by amateurs, the positive effects that they have when used in practice are often overlooked by amateur golfers. “They are essential for all golfers, whether preparing for a home international or a monthly medal,” adds Noble. “Just knowing how far away from whatever element of the hole they are on, means that when it counts there is no guessing or arithmetic required.”

As the number one laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour for over ten years, Bushnell also continues to be the choice of amateurs at every level of the game looking to get the most out of their practice and to help them perform consistently at their highest level.