Aiken goes with the Bioflow

Thomas Aiken won the Africa Open at East London Golf Club in South Africa on Sunday wearing a Bioflow Monet Golf on one wrist and a turquoise Bioflow Sport on the other. According to Bioflow magnetic therapy is complementary and non-invasive.

Bioflow Sport wristbands feature patented Central Reverse Polarity technology. This multi-directional force of magnetism is designed to complement an active lifestyle, providing a combination of patented magnet technology with a durable, non-tearable silicone sports wristband that is water resistant.

In December 2004 Aiken was faced with surgery on a troublesome wrist injury and lengthy lay-off from the game. However, he had a chance meeting with the South African distributor for Bioflow magnotherapy products just six weeks before his scheduled operation. Aiken comments, “I tried the Bioflow wristbands almost as a last resort, but I’m so glad I did. Ultimately I avoided surgery on my wrist and was back hitting golf balls in three weeks. I won’t take them off now.”

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