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Advertising in GOLF RETAILING is the most cost effective way of reaching Europe’s PGA Professionals and golf retail outlets.

Our unique ‘Magloid’ format provides clients a truly flexible environment in which to promote their products and services. Utilised by golf’s biggest brands but affordable to even the smallest, an advertisement in GOLF RETAILING is guaranteed to be seen by influential decision makers.

No client’s needs are the same, so ask us for a bespoke quote to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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Description of Space



 Front Cover Package
 The Front Cover Package includes an exclusive A5 page on the front cover PLUS a two page editorial style feature on the centre pages.
 On application
Magloid Page
The ultimate single page advert dominating the entire space on the page, giving maximum exposure to our advertisers message
Page Bleed – 346mm (H) x 251mm (W)Page Trim – 340mm (H) x 245mm (W)
A4 Page
A great advertisment size providing high visibility whilst benefitting from editorial content framing the advert ensuring reader time is spent on the page
244mmm (H) x 176mm (W)
A5 Page
The A5 size advert works really well and benefits from more editorial content surrounding it and at a lower price point – brilliant!
182mm (H) x 131mm (W)
Half Magloid (H/V)
Another great options which allows for a different look on the page but gives ample space for any message – works well on a consecutive page basis.
Vertical – 315mm (H) x 131mm (W)Horizontal – 157mm (H) x 221mm (W)
Third Page
The third of a page offers something different… stand out from the crowd, benefits from editorial on the page and saves some budget!
80mm (H) x 221mm (W)
Promo Strip
Less is sometimes more… extremely effective as a teaser to a Magloid page or as a stand-alone where volume of space is not critical…
40mm (H) x 221mm (W)

All advertisements booked to appear in the printed magazine will be repeated FREE of charge within our high quality digital version.  You can even add video content for FREE!!

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