Deadlines 2018

To ensure that GOLF RETAILING hits desks at the same time each month we ask clients to please make note of our deadlines. 

Whilst we aim to be as flexible as possible we cannot guarantee that submissions presented after our deadlines will be considered for inclusion.

To contact our Editor email or call 07961 060137

To discuss advertising opportunties email or call 07500 827336

Deadlines Editorial Advertising Mailing date
Jan-18 NA NA NA
Feb-18 01-Feb 01-Feb 09-Feb
Mar-18 23-Feb 27-Feb 08-Mar
Apr-18 23-Mar 27-Mar 06-Apr
May-18 23-Apr 27-Apr 08-May
Jun-18 23-May 25-May 07-Jun
Jul-18 25-Jun 27-Jun 06-Jul
Aug-18 26-Jul 27-Jul 06-Aug
Sep-18 28-Aug 30-Aug 07-Sep
Oct-18 24-Sep 25-Sep 05-Oct
Nov-18 25-Oct 26-Oct 06-Nov
Dec-18 NA NA NA