TaylorMade updates P·790 and Milled Grind Wedges TaylorMade P·790 – True Beauty Lies Within

    Ever since the first model of TaylorMade P·790 irons in 2017, this franchise revolutionised the iron category and lead the way in hollow designed players performance irons.

    In August 2023, TaylorMade introduced the new P·790 range with precision mass optimisation in each iron, tungsten weighting and SpeedFoam™ Air. Every individual iron has a unique AI-optimised internal structure that’s engineered to create an unrivalled blend of distance, forgiveness and accuracy.

    The most notable visual difference from one iron to the next is the sound stabilisation bar, which sits above the tungsten weight framework. Located in the 3-7 irons, each bar is uniquely shaped and positioned to individually optimise feel and performance by controlling the amount of unsupported space between the internal structure and the topline of the club. The design minimises unwanted vibrations at impact and ensures that every iron creates a premium forged feel with optimal CG placement.

    In the long irons, the sound stabilisation bar moves more toward the centre of the club while the tungsten weight frame is positioned nearer to the sole. Mass distribution is specifically arranged to lower the centre of gravity, making it easier to launch the golf ball high with low-lofted irons.

    “P·790 is a collision of art and engineering. The allure lies not only in the clean design and visual appeal, but also in the high-performance machine that lives within. It’s the total package, an ideal blend of external elegance and internal power.”
    Matt Bovee, Director, Product Creation Irons

    Compared to prior generations of P·790 irons, a larger face opening gave engineers more space to push tungsten weights further towards the toe. Moving weight lower and towards the perimeter of the club further allowed engineers to design for improved forgiveness and control CG positioning. Within the scoring clubs (8-PW), CG progressively shifts higher for more control, better spin properties and enhanced accuracy.

    “New 2023 P·790
    Better looking…
    Better performance… Better Golf”
    Darren Parris, Senior PGA Professional, North Foreland Golf Club

    One thing is certain, the P·790 has always been revered for their clean and minimalistic appearance and this is something that TaylorMade didn’t want to disrupt. The latest model upholds that history. The refined aesthetics mean P·790 seamlessly blend with P·770 irons if consumers want a unified combo set.

    Custom fitting P·790
    The P·790 will be in stores from 1st September 2023, however TaylorMade stockists and Experiential Technicians have been fitting since the announcement in August.

    “From the shots I’ve hit with the 2023 P·790 the biggest difference compared to the 2021 model was the improved ball flight on miss-hits, by designing each iron individually TaylorMade have improved the CG location, which has a far greater benefit on those shots we all hit off centre, I noticed 5-7 yards more distance with a 7 iron on off centre strikes over the 2021 P·790 model.

    “The initial fits with P·790 have been amazing. Not only have we seen golfers have unbelievable results Vs their current gamer irons, but we have also seen improved results versus the 2021 version of P·790 with golfers seeing more speed, more forgiveness and
    overall better results.

    Golfers of all levels of handicap have loved the subtle changes to the look of the iron but have been blown away by the performance. One golfer who has had different versions of P·790 over the years was quoted “I can’t believe how you have done it again! They feel softer and I can feel they are quicker off the face.”

    Daniel Morris, TaylorMade Experiential Manager UK & Ireland

    The P·790 franchise has been the #1 selling iron for TaylorMade since 2019 due to the wide appeal and performance. From initial feedback it looks like the 2023 model could continue the successful trajectory.

    Milled Grind 4 Laser Scoring for Better Spin

    Built upon the success of its predecessors, MG4 represents a significant advancement in
    the Milled Grind family, offering golfers a combination of spin control, versatility and premium feel.

    A new Spin Tread technology proves crucial, particularly in wet conditions, where players experience higher launches and reduced spin. The technology works in a similar fashion to the tread on a tire, which creates space for water to exit so the tire can have direct contact and better grip of the road. In the case of MG4, the treads channel away moisture and allow the golf ball to stay on the face longer while imparting more spin.

    “The MG4 wedges have been very well received. At one of our recent events, we had inclement weather, so we got to see how the new technology in the grooves work in wet conditions. When testing the consumers current wedges vs MG4 in the wet, the spin and consistency gains were demonstrably better. Plus the additional grinds are giving us more options to dial in the consumer.”
    Daniel Morris, TaylorMade Experiential Manager UK & Ireland

    Wedge Detail
    TaylorMade has introduced a comprehensive range of sole grinds in the MG4 lineup, offering golfers more versatility while also simplifying the selection process. The grinds are categorised into three main options: low bounce (LB), standard bounce (SB) and high bounce (HB). However, to cater to different swing dynamics, the company added alternative options in each category, providing a total of six bounces to meet the player’s unique requirements.

    MG4 Sole Grinds: Low Bounce (LB), Low Bounce V (LBV), Standard Bounce (SB), Standard Bounce C (SBC), High Bounce (HB), High Bounce Wide (HBW).
    TaylorMade have not only focused on performance and technology, but also prioritised aesthetics and player feedback. MG4 features a refined finish with a slightly darker tint, minimising glare and providing a more unified appearance that blends seamlessly with the raw face as it oxidises over time. Furthermore, the redesigned back geometry enhances the wedge with a more solid and softer feel – all complimenting its refined Tour-inspired shaping and address versatility.

    MG4 wedges hit the shelves 8th September, just in time for consumers to enjoy the spin retention benefits during the wetter months!

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