Maximising Your Apparel Sales in 2022

    Stuart Kerr, Business Development Consultant, Foremost Golf (Scotland & Ireland), explains how you can improve your apparel sales.

    Create a welcoming ambience
    A positive first impression is vital. As a result your store has to have an ambience about it that will encourage customers to browse and spend more time in there. Ensure that the entrance in to your store is: as clear as possible to give the feeling of space, the layout is designed to encourage a walk around and you’re in store displays attract attention. A simple but effective way to aid consumer browsing time in store is the utilisation of a coffee machine. One area that is often overlooked is lighting, take a look at ways that you can improve this even if it is only changing to LED bulbs.

    Staff walk arounds are essential
    It is vital that you and your staff take the time each day to take a walk round the store to note down areas that need attention. For example some displays may need: re-folding, pricing/new ticketing and de-creasing through hand steaming. This simple exercise will make the store look more premium and ultimately improve the chances of sale conversion with your customers. Secondly during the walk around it’s important to make sure all staff members know the brands you are stocking and their differences. These differences would include sizing (regular vs athletic) and price point.


    Make sure you utilise the support available from suppliers with the use of their Shop-in-Shop solutions (SiS). The SiS concept is extremely powerful and will be visually impressive to the customer. Where possible look to showcase the full range of the suppliers offering and also the colour stories for that particular season. Your mannequin displays should always showcase any potential add on items that the customer could look to purchase to make up the ‘full outfit’. Consistency is key when it comes to displaying apparel. Clothing on hangers should utilise either the supplier hanger or the uniformed hanger colour in store, ensure the sizes are always clearly displayed (size cubes are recommended). If the above points are covered well your customer’s purchasing journey will be a straight forward one. Therefore if you are not around to serve them individually they can access the product and size they are looking for.

    Utilise Your Club Logo/Brand
    This is your club’s logo that the members resonate with so make sure you use it. Create an in-store display that can showcase your club crested clothing to its best. Club/brand crested product has many advantages. Firstly golfers like many other sportspeople like the association of being attached to a club or team. Secondly by having a logo present on your apparel your customers are marketing the golf club /business for you when they wear the product away from the golf club/facility.

    Do your in-store displays and apparel offering align themselves with your digital marketing or any campaigns that you are running? If you utilise digital marketing channels such as: a website, a newsletter and social media, are your content pieces coordinating with your in-store offering? In order to maximise a sales opportunity you need to make sure your buying and marketing is coordinated and your in-store and digital presence are matching up. Therefore your customer will experience the full marketing journey and you will have planted the seed many times through your marketing channels. Another very effective way to market key apparel pieces such as club crested clothing is through self-promotion. Make sure you and your team are wearing and reviewing the new apparel products that arrive to your store. GR

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